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Give hope through EDUCATION to Children


The civil war in Sri Lanka over two decades that ended in 2009 and the Tsunami in 2004 has caused a lot of human causalities, disability and loss of income particularly in the north and east of the country. As a result, there are several children who are orphaned or have a single or disabled parent unable to support the family. Education is the only hope for these children for a better sustainable future.We have setup a student hardship fund to provide scholarships to students from very low income families in school or university particularly living in the east and north of the country.


It is hoped this scheme will contribute to sustainable development in a generation of children who have witnessed a bloody civil war until 2009 in this island.




£20pm (£240pa) to support a student’s primary/secondary education or university student for three/four years.


The trust is launching a fund raising appeal for donors or sponsors who could support this project to alleviate poverty of these destitute children through education and empowerment.


If you wish to donate or sponsor a child please click the DONATE button below. Read the report for December 2010 here

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