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In 1910, Arulambala Swami left Sri Lanka and reached Nagapattinam in Tamilnadu in a spiritual quest. Nagai Neelalosani Amman became his guru and asked him to stay at the temple so that she would teach him “JnAna nishtai” (deep meditation). For 4 years, 1910-1914, he was in “JnAna nishtai” without food at the Nagai Neelalosani amman temple. After this, he continued his nishtai under water for 41 days. Arulambala Swami did not believe in exhibiting miraculous deeds so his “nishtai” underwater only exemplifies his supreme meditative state.


In 1914, he visited vEdAraNyam, agastyam, paLLi mAyavaram, chidambaram, kAraikUdi, and pondichery. Most of his time in India was spent at NAgapattinam and Pondichery. He has published several books during his stay in India. Since he lived mostly at the beginning and the end in Nagapattinam he was also called “Nagapattinam swami”. Swami greatly believed in being in “one state”, so he chose to be silent and hence was called “Mouna Swami”. Since his origin was from Jaffna , he was also called “Yalpanatthu Swami” by the people of Nagapattinam. Many people have sought help for their problems from Swami and he would always say that he'll put forward their request to God and eventually clear the obstacles for them. He was also a guru to the great Tamizh poet Subramanya BhAratiyAr.


Arulambala Swami finally returned to Sri Lanka on 27th of November in 1942. After just a week of his return, on December 3rd (Attha nakShatra) 1942, Swami took SamAdhi and left his physical body. A samAdhi temple was constructed near the VIrapatira Kovil, ViyapArimUlai by his devotees immediately thereafter. The local villagers still offer prayers at the samAdhi temple. Swami's guru pUja is celebrated annually on “MArkazhi Attha nakShatram”.

A Brief Biography of Sri Arulambala Swamy

Arulambala Swami's Samadhi Temple Renovation

During a visit to Nagapattinam in October 2003, Arulananda Swami got a vision of Sri Arulambala Swami, also known as “Eelathu Swamikal”, requesting him to renovate his SamAdhi temple. Accordingly, Swamiji started restoration of Arulambala Swami's Samadhi temple in ViyapArimUlai, Point Pedro in Sri Lanka. In addition, Swamiji has established an educational scholarship program at the samAdhi through Arullanantha Trust (UK) to fulfill the wish of Arulambala Swami to publicise the SamAdhi to the local people to obtain his blessings. The renovation of this Samadhi temple was finished and kumbhabhishekam was also performed in Nov 2004. The temple is functioning on a daily basis now and it is being supported by Arullanantha Trust (Sri Lanka).

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